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Custom-made, durable & effective

If you frequently replace your  screw conveyor or are looking for a turnkey, custom-made and sustainable solution, designed with efficiency and profitability, we are the solution.


Whether a need for a screw in order to equip your existing equipment or finding a company capable of designing and manufacturing a screw conveyor that meets your most specific expectations, we are made to collaborate.


The technology we use is 4 times more durable than a steel screw in addtion to many other advantages.


Archimedys™ technology



  • Model your own screw without the need for special knowledge

  • The assembly is made from standardized components

  • Everything can be adjusted to intermediate diameters, if necessary



  • The assembly of the modules takes only a few minutes and production shutdown is limited

  • No welding needed

  • Maintenance is simplified




  • These modules are highly resistant to abrasion, corrosion as well as acids and bases

  • Up to 4 times more durable than a steel screw

  • The non-stick properties of the modules allow a material flow improvement

  • Intermediate bearings are not necessary which considerably reduces the risk of material jamming

  • Noise reduction

  • In case of damage, only change the damaged module, without the need to replace the whole screw, the maintenance costs are considerably reduced

  • The techno polymer screw is able to scrape the material in depth in the auger, thus limiting the loss of material

  • The modular screw being lighter than a steel screw it allows to reduce energy consumption

Technologie Archimedys
convoyeur a vis modulaire


Unlike steel that bends or breaks under pressure, these modules have elastic properties  allowing them to deform under pressure and return to their original shape.


  • Casters for easy transport

  • Tube, "U" or "V" shape auger

  • Hermetic tube

  • Custom-made material inlet and outlet

  • Custom hopper or sliding gate for precise material flow control

  • Adjustable conveyor height with worm screw arm

  • Made of steel or stainless

  • Choice of 3 types of modular screws: industrial, food (FDA certified), ATEX (explosive environments)

  • Motor: chosen according technical specifications, food grade oil for food conveyors


Screw diameter

The diameters of the modules that make up our worm screws are the standard diameters of the CEMA (Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association). However, it is possible if necessary to machine the modules to obtain intermediate diameters. You can consult the technical specifications of our different modules according to their diameter.

convoyeur a vis




Diamètre de vis

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