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1. How resistant is a technopolymer screw compared to a steel screw?

The modules that make up the modular screw are moulded in technopolymer, a material highly resistant to abrasion, corrosion, acids and bases with durability up to 4 times superior to steel. The modules have the particularity of not breaking or bending under pressure but to deform to regain their original shape.

convoyeur a vis modulaire

2. For food conveyors: is there a risk for material accumulating between the screw modules?

The modules are pressurized to allow perfect fitting together and to avoid spaces between them. However, if you wish, it is possible to weld the modules together using LOCTITE EA 9480. To separate the modules, just use a rubber hammer. If you do not wish to use this method, you can remove the screw and clean each module individually during  sanitary maintenance.


​3. How to assemble a modular screw?

You just need to fit the different modules onto the hexagonal shaft like Lego. The assembly of a 21' screw takes about ten minutes.



4. If a module is damaged, how fast can I receive a new one?

We have most of the modules in stock. The module you need will be shipped the same day to help minimize production shutdown.

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