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Custom design & manufacturing

We are aware of the importance you attach to your production methods in order to deliver a product of excellence to your customers. For this reason, we are committed to providing you with a custom-made solution that meets your most specific needs. Our conveyors are characterized by the multitude of options they can be equipped with: casters, custom-made inlet and outlet, custom-made hopper or sliding gate, adjustable height with telescopic arm, etc.


Why Modulex Conveyors?

At Modulex Conveyors we work to simplify and optimize our customers' production methods by offering a custom-made solution, perfectly suited for their needs. Our conveyors are equipped withArchimedys modular worm screws. Our expertise as manufacturer as well as the use of innovative products allows us to offer conveyors whose performance exceeds those of the competition. By being four times more resistant than steel, Archimedys modules are particularly advantageous for abrasive and corrosive but also frozen, sticky or even crumbly materials. With a choice of three types of technopolymer modules with unique properties, our modular screw conveyors are dedicated to the food industry, industrial and agricultural production as well as explosive environments.





Model your own screw without the need for special knowledge. The assembly is carried out from standardized components. The whole can be adjusted to intermediate diameters, if necessary.



The assembly of the modules takes only a few minutes. In case of damage, you only have to change the damaged module, without the need to replace the whole screw. You can resume your production very quickly!



The modules are resistant to abrasion, corrosion and many chemicals. Steel can bend, but these modules cannot. They have strong impact resistance and improve the material flow of the conveyor. They reduce noise in service and do not require intermediate bearings. This modular solution also allows you to reduce your electricity consumption.



The modules have non-stick properties and behave like scrapers. They allow the elements to be transported smoothly while reducing losses. Welding operations disappear, maintenance costs are considerably reduced. The maintenance of your conveyor is simplified to the extreme!

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